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The Ar.Tec. is a scientific society founded in 2002 as a non-profit association, on the initiative of scholars of architecture and building techniques. Primary purposes of Ar.Tec. are the promotion of the cultural and professional growth of researchers and operators of design, construction and production in the field of building engineering and architecture and, equally, the maximum diffusion of sector knowledge among scientific communities and realities entrepreneurial and productive companies involved in it.

The mission of the scientific society is:

• promoting innovation in the construction sector
• encouraging the internal and external acquisition and spread of the information related to the sector
• encouraging the spread of the results of the studies and research carried out by its members
• encouraging the development of the scientific activity of its members according to the constant changes in the context
• organizing cultural and scientific events and hosting at least one conference on topics which are relevant to the association statutory aims
• defining exchanges and collaboration with other Italians and foreign institutions and/or associations with similar goals
• promoting future scholars’ training through their participation in joint research and educational events

To learn more about Ar.Tec. visit the website